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I'm currently sitting at a workstation in the NSCC Kingstec Campus, and Ryan and I are listening to Devin read off of SomethingAwful.com. Great experiences are better when they're shared.

Last night we all went through all the quotes we could remember from those Heritage Minute ads. They just kept coming. We wouldn't know anything if it weren't for those ads, and there turned out to be a lot more than we figured there would be at first. We helped Bob and Steel play Family Feud on the Genesis emulator, and I personally think there needs to be a "sick, cynical fuck" version of that game. Like, how come "porn" wasn't on the survey of TV programs one stays up all night to watch? I mean, hello.

Tonight I'm supposed to go to Jon's but that is a little up in the air. Conceivably, I could be here for another evening, but that's okay, I guess. I just hate to miss out on the chance to meet Will.

I almost didn't get to come out to Kentville - beautiful drive, by the way, even on the 101 - because I came home on the 5:00pm 80 and didn't even get to my house until 6:00. And this was because Jen and Mike found me near the interchange as they were about to get on the highway north, and they turned around and went out of their way to take me back to my house! So, hooray for them. If not for them, I would not have had the opportunity to dive into a library full of Rifts sourcebooks, nor would I have basked in the awfulness that is RoboCop 3.

Kentville is a bustling metropolis, almost as big as Antigonish, and we found niceties such as a KFC take-out and a 24-hour convienience store. Most of our jokes involve vd and "prostittots." These guys have girlfriends, so it's not like they're just envious. =) Anyway, I don't want to make blanket statments, and I really like this area. I like exploring all these far-flung cities and towns throughout Nova Scotia. Besides, Heather came from here, and what's more I don't like putting down places - not online, anyway - but, this aspect of the area loomed so largely in our time here that I would be remiss not to make note of it.

I'd like to convince Devin that the Hentai reviews are the best part of SomethingAwful.com, but I guess we're getting good milage off the children's art criticism.

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