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Let's squeeze in a короткий update before my hour expires... =)

If anyone wants to send me mail in Ukraine, here is my address:

Eduard Balashov (for William Matheson)
Department of Foreign Relations
The National University of Ostroh Academy
2 Seminarska St.
Ostroh 35800

Write me, and I'll write you. Also, people I've promised to write to will be written to in due time - no need to write me, but I'd appreciate a reply if you have time. Keep in mind I have no internet at home. =)

Wow, big red letters flashed across the screen. << less than 5 minutes remaining!! Cool. I think they've got a custom program running here.

Things are pretty slow around here, and indications are they'll pick up when school starts September 1st. In the meantime, we're learning lots of Ukrainian. More immeadiately, the Core Program will be getting here next week. That means we'll be sharing the town with eight to ten more Canadians, but these ones will much younger and in a much stricter program. Should be interesting! I loved meeting last year's core program participants in Edmonton last November - in fact, Lindsay is actually a participant on this program. Small world, eh?

- Will
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