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IIHF Women's Gold Medal Game

Pardon me, I'm about to use all-caps.

TEAM USA WAS ROBBED!! That was about the most awful call I've ever seen! Did they not have the overhead replay? I can see how the rear and side views would be questionable, but from above there is no doubt that puck went all the way in and all the way out of the net. And to top it off, they play "We Are The Champions" when Canada wins. I HATE THAT SONG. Okay, it's a fair song, but consider this:

Those are the losers,
'cause we are the champions

Ugh! What poor sportsmanship! Team USA is not going to take this sitting down. I mean, congrats to Canada on the victory (I actually went to elementary school with the captain's (Cassie Campbell's) first cousin), but between the shellacking we got a few days ago and the just plain poor officiating tonight, it's hardly a decisive win. But all the announcers on TSN and in the Metro Centre are acting like it is. I blame the beer commercials.

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