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greetings from Острог

Yeah, I'm finally in Острог (Ostroh). Yeah, me. It's still kind of surreal, and I'm still adjusting. This past week has felt like a month.

I'd like to write a really long documentive blog entry, but there just isn't time now. I will come back and do a good one later this week or on the weekend. I'm not doing anything on Friday... =) yet.

So far I've seen Roma and Olesya... it was weird running into Olesya because she wanted to give me her number, but she had to call her husband over to give it to me since she didn't know it herself.

Jen's going to kill me, because I was talking to Roma for quite a while the other day, and now he's gone off to a scout camp in the Carpathians for the next few weeks. You see, I was supposed to give him something from her. =) But he'll be back in September, worst-case-scenario.

I've been given my job today; I'll be working in the resource centre for the Foreign Languages Department at Ostroh Academy. It's pretty serious, and I hope I'm not in over my head. I basically have to expand or rewrite their catalouging program to meet new requirements. I'm going to go speak to Lee (my pseudo-work counterpart) about it now, although I think I should first take a minute with a small sheet of paper to allay my concerns and the associated urge to totally stress out about what lies ahead. I've never done anything nearly this big before, and I have scant training. But I'm sure that what I'm about to do has been done before.

Insights about Ukraine and entertaining stories will be forthcoming. I think the cybercafé would appreciate a few Гиривні (hyryvni) and a vacated seat. By the way, my Ukrainian spelling is terrible; I wouldn't suggest searching for anything that I type in. I'm really just practising. =)

До зустрічі! (till our next meeting)
- Вілєм (William)
Tags: cwy, ostroh, ukraine, work

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