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I had been preparing myself for the possibility of receiving bad news, but I thought that at least I'd be offered a spot on the waiting list.

Dear William:

I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to a Bachelor of Journalism programme at the University of King's College.

The Admissions Committee gave your application careful consideration before making its decision. However, there were a number of qualified applicants this year. If you wish to speak with our Admissions Officer, Karl Turner, concerning your application please contact him at 902-422-**** ext. ***.

Thank you for your interest in King's Bachelor of Journalism programme; best wishes for success in other endavours.

Yours truly,

[unintelligible signature]
for Elizabeth Yeo

And now, I'm screwed. Getting into King's was my last hope for success. Now I'm destined to a lifetime of minimum wage work, and I can kiss all the women I've ever had my eyes on goodbye forever. I can just see me at my high school reunion this summer - William Matheson, the scary guy everyone had expectations for, with no real job and no academic future. I wish I knew what I knew now when I started Grade 10. Things would be different, to say the least.

About the only thing I can be proud of lately is my acting. My friend Kelly pointed this out to me in The Journal last week:

Dear Editor,

I'd just like to give a great big hooray to the drama society on their production of Tom Eagan's Murder For One this past weekend. I particularly enjoyed the all around over-the-top acting and characters. Will Matheson, in particular, played his role of a rich, spoiled, brat-of-a-man perfectly. And that mustache...hilarious! It wasn't broadway by any means, but who went there expecting it to be? The cast had a great time, and that spilled over into the audience nicely. My only gripe is that the cast didn't serve the meal; that interaction, with the cast in character, is usually one of the best parts of a dinner theater. Probably Aramarks doing. Still, here's to you SMUDS

Eric James

And to think there was a time, not too long ago, when I couldn't break into a SMUDS production for the life of me. I must work on my social skills. My social failings are causing premature carreer failings. And now, I've been hung out to dry. I'll just be a strange guy everyone talks about in whispers, never to leave Halifax. I won't get to be classmates with Sarah and Tanya. And when Jolene comes to town, I hope she'll look twice at a guy who will most likely end up making less money than she. God damn it.

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