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well, I'm off

I'm chillin' at a hip cybercafe in Gatineau right now, just to check my e-mail and stuff. Nothing too serious came around in the past few days, thank goodness.

We've had a really interesting pre-departure briefing with Canada Corps over the past few days. Our group is awesome so far, and there's not a cookie-cutter person in the bunch.

I made fast friends with Christelle, a Francophone lifeguard at the Four Points who is probably the most bubbly person I have ever met. She's the kind of person who tosses quarters in the pool and has the kids compete with each other, entertaining them for hours on end. When I left the pool the night before last, she gave me a hug, and I promised to send her a postcard. I would love to be around people like her more often, although I imagine the reason there aren't more of such people is that maybe such pervasive happiness doesn't confer a survival advantage. =) But in the 21st century, who cares, right?

Well, I guess I'd better be off. Had dinner and beers with Jen last night; it was great to shoot the breeze with her. She remarked that she found it funny when we used to complain how hard things were on her program. In a sense, she was quite right. We got all worked up about the pettiest little things. Remember when we were practically demanding she contact Kelly to find out our schedule in Edmonton? Yeah... I mean, I'd still want that information, but I'd try to be more patient this time around. =)

Cheers, everyone! See you in Ostroh! The plane leaves in just a few hours; we'll be jogging through Pearson and connecting again at Frankfurt on the way to Kyiv.
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