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Hi, everyone!

Word has it that my going away party will be on Saturday evening (July 2nd) at Maxwell's Plum (an English pub) downtown. That's 1600 Grafton Street, at the corner of Sackville Street. Time: probably any time after eight, when Ryan and I will be warming stools. But you can come whenever you want. And, if we end up wanting to go to a club later, we can. For more information feel free to call my cell, 877-WILL (9455), at any time on Saturday afternoon, and I'll hook you up with any late-breaking details, or you can find out where we are if you want to come late, like after twelve or something.

By "going away party" I really mean "an excuse to get together and drink." If you're reading this, your presence would be appreciated. See you there!

(Catherine had once suggested a "coming-back" party, which would be great except that I'm always coming back at shitty times like Christmas or New Year's or March Exams. We'll have to stick with this format, me thinks!)

* * *

Last night my Basic Sound classmates and I were on CKDU, where I got the chance to rant about a bouncer at the Palace who asked to see what was in my right pocket and then swiped a piece of my gum without even asking. Sure, he was a jerk, but it's just a piece of gum, and I was just ranting for laughs - really, I had a lot of fun downtown with Krista and her friends. Anyway, we were at CKDU until after three in the morning (so now it's Monday).

My classmate has this really cool roomate who's over for the summer. She's really awesome. She wants to see my video, and I'd sure as heck like to spend some more time with her, but she's really busy and now her roommates both have food poisioning from my classmate's cooking. Kind of funny in an ironic sort of way, I guess. So I have yet another phone number and an outstanding invitation, and I'm going to have to let it drop. Isn't it annoying how things happen sometimes? Wait, I guess I can invite them to my going-away party.

Will I give a shit about any of this in a week? Heck no. And that's one of the many thoughts that's keeping me going through my recent bout of sickness and uncertainty and bullshit and harmful justifications.

On the bright side, after coming home less than an hour after I left, I just put my freshly-laundered clothes back in the closet and put my kicking-around clothes back on. No way I'm wasting two shirts and a pair of jeans this close to departure. And the only person who'll recognize that I'm wearing the same clothes tomorrow is a NSCAD professor who is totally above caring about such things.

* * *

So, after all my yapping about this video, do you want to see it? Happy to oblige. Come back in a bit and I'll push you a link.
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