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small stuff, small download, another nice day!

Wow, what a day. I got a lot of little things done.

Catherine had her Custom LAISK today, and she seems better than fine, although she has to stay in her apartment in the dark, applying eye drops every few hours and listening to audio books. =)

In case anyone missed it, here's my Canadian Idol appearance from two weeks ago:

will_idol_high.mov - 3Mb, QuickTime

Thanks again to Cedrick for the hosting.

Woah, there's another totally unintentional suggestion there... actually, there are two! No, "high" just means the quality of the movie, not my singing, and especially not my physiological condition. Also, if anyone's interested, there's my journal entry from April 6th, when I auditioned in Charlottetown.
Tags: family, idol, video

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