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Frosh Leader partner

I just saw my female Frosh Leader partner from September 2002 enter the Student Centre. I had just walked away from a workstation where I had been re-reading my previous posts here and there, wondering if I should try to come across as less pathetic (ie: lie). And I remembered that she, too (and this girl's super-cute), told our Frosh group that she had never been in a long relationship in her life.

And just now I realized that she probably wanted to jump the bones of one of the Frosh. And she could have. And I didn't catch it. What a slick move. Only works for women, though.

I'm about to start a GPY206 lab with Dr. Bob. It's been an... interesting course so far. The tests have little to do with the material; I'm glad I'm an English major. But working with ArcGIS in a tenative and experimental way is kind of fun. Helluva lot more fun than CSC227, anyway. ("I got a C+ in C++!") Dr. Bob has promised to make this lab and the following lab kind of easy, given this is the end of the semester, and he's got a ton of work sitting on his desk waiting to be marked. I think this has been a lazy semester for almost everyone. Or maybe it's just because it's second semester - I never have the same will or drive to succeed that I do in first semester.

The course evaluations were done today before the lecture, the lecture after doing one of those infamous borderline-irrelevant tests. I joked with the Dr. that it's a good thing for him we don't have our test marks back yet!

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