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wow, last night. fun? totally!

Wow, what a great party last night! (We had a barbeque at Tanya's followed by an impromptu capper at Casa Del Fox.) I was trying out this whole new "being chill" thing, and man, it was great! Who needs stress at a party, right? Now I can just let things roll. It takes an effort at first, but it's like the smiling and sitting position stuff that Ashley taught me in Poland. After a while it becomes automatic, and the results are incredible.

It was so awesome to have such a great night after spending a day and a half this week commiserating. But I even consider that a positive experience. If I hadn't asked a few people some really important questions, I would not have known how to have the good time I had last night. I guess the thing is, maybe it's okay to have a down-in-the-dumps experience sometimes, as long as we can extract some learning from it.

I said to someone on the bus a while back that I hope my life ahead is full of mistakes, for then I will become wise.

Oh, and I met this girl... now, she has a boyfriend, so it's not like I like her "that way" or anything, but in all my life I have never met anyone so uncannily like me. Her body language is like mine. Her attitude is like mine. Even her laugh seems familiar. I can just look at her and understand her in a profound way that I don't get with other people. I hope I get to hang out with her and her friends again before I leave.

If anything in the night might have went "that way" it would have been with one of Tanya's friends, but even though she started getting touchy-feely first, Ryan and Mike suddenly said, "Will! Stop hitting on drunk chicks! It's unethical." So I stopped, because when I thought about it, they were right. But at least I felt like I knew what I was doing. It felt really right when I kissed her on her forehead, but I guess if she was drunk it doesn't really count. Still, if I have to be told that people are off limits for their own good, then I guess that means I must be improving. Ryan said I was even borderline "charming." That's a lot, coming from him.

Of course, these two excerpts are not the extent of all the drama that went on last night, but said drama never involved me directly, so thank heaven for small blessings. It's such a relief to be able to forget about things that really don't have to stress you out at all.

PS: We almost got Catherine to come out with us (unfortunately I waited until the last minute to phone her), but she had the greatest excuse in the world: She was getting LAISK surgery in a few days, and last night she took some eye drops that dilated her pupils to the extreme, such that she had to sit at home with all her lights turned out. Mad props, that's the greatest excuse ever! The only problem is, you can really only use it when you're telling the truth (as Catherine was), unless you never plan to meet the target liee ever again or don't mind going without glasses and being blind as a bat around him or her for the rest of your mutual lives.

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