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five (six seven eight?)

I guess they have five people selected and confirmed to go on the exchange. That doesn't sound too bad considering they only need eight. They didn't seem to want to give me a number (understandable, I suppose), but since we were just recently sent a group e-mail with our addresses in "To:" instead of "Bcc:" I was able to do simple arithmetic. I hope I don't sound cynical. =) Anyway, it's nice to know how many.

There'll be a CWY breakfast on Thursday morning here in Halifax. I'm psyched for that, because I haven't had the chance to meet any CWY people from around here. Who knows what kind of cool people I'll meet, eh? Maybe I'll run into the other two Halagonian NetCorps guys who I met in Edmonton in November! And the CWY people can also give me some (friendly) fundraising advice. For my own strange reasons, I don't dare ask any of the Regional Offices any more questions than I have to. They scare the crap out of me. But the Halifax Satellite Office I can handle.

I was pounding pavement today, and I'll continue to do so this week and next. It's so great to see (and feel!) the sun shining.

In case anyone missed my post where my little movie has been made available for download...

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