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woah - what a weekend!

What a kick-ass, awesome weekend I just had! Saturday night was Mike's party. It was loaded with all kinds of people - enough to make me think:

Someday I'd really love to have a huge apartment party with all my friends. The trouble is that that would be like 30 or 40 people, just to start. I'm not saying that I'm particularly popular or have more friends than others. But I have a few friends here, a few friends there, and they're all in different social groups. Tonight Sarah told me such a party would be really funny.

Could I execute such an event without my future superintendent getting mad at me?

The super came to the door at Mike and Ryan's. We weren't that loud, but after what happened a few days ago (Halifax Chronicle-Herald, thanks foxe139), I think any small thing would rightly piss him off.

Man, we're headed for a total land-owner gerontocracy in Halifax. Where are all us young people living these days? Rental units. Who owns those properties? Old people with money. This is fucking scary. Eventually people won't have parties at all, just for fear they'll get kicked out. Man, I should write a movie about this. Everyone will end up... well, now, I guess I shouldn't give away the ending.

You people who suggest living in the sub or exurbs ... well, that would work for now. But wait until we hit peak oil. Eventually, if you're not living near a transit stop, or within walking distance of what you need, you're in nowheresville.

Mind you, the futurists have been saying this for decades, and they haven't been right - yet.

Oh, I should say something about tonight. We watched Star Wars III at Sarah's on an illegal copyright-infringing VCD please don't tell the cops. But I'll go see it in theatres again please don't kill me Mr. Lucas. =)

It was great to talk to Sarah again, meet her cool roommates, and to top it off we brought Stu into the mix as well. Man, he's really doing well these days! And he likes to talk about Star Wars. It was a side of him I hadn't seen before. Anyway, we all had a lot of fun, and I'd better go to bed.

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