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Oh nooooo...

I've been offered a placement! The problem is that the departure date is June 15th. If I went, I'd miss the last three classes in both courses. With any luck something will happen and the dates will get pushed back. If it was even a week later, I'd go without hesitation.

Plus I'd miss out on a summer in Halifax with friends and stuff. I'd get back in mid-December.

Input anyone? Ukraine or Summer in Halifax? I want to keep going with NSCAD; is it worth putting on hold?

I had a great meeting today with You-Na. She definitely has a creative eye. She came up with all kinds of neat ideas for our video. After we were done outlining what we were going to do, we spent something like an hour just chatting about different things. It was fun.

You know, this departure date is still a month away. Let me run this idea past my teachers. If they're willing to be flexible, I'll go. If not, I'll stay here and be happy. This is a sure thing. Ukraine is a huge, huge gamble.

But only a few weeks ago I had my heart set on going.

Wait a minute, I went through this last time.

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