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back in the psuedo-HP

Hey, remember when I wrote this?

It's been included as feedback to the original article! That was pretty cool, because I totally didn't expect that.

Oh yeah, I'm back home... haven't done much besides helping make dinner and paperwork, though. I haven't even unpacked yet. I got off the shuttle at Smitty's and saw Vince (darkstarmasonry)... it was cool to chat with him for a few minutes. He was there for breakfast. Since it was 2:45pm, I'm assuming he had a wild Saturday night. Just assuming. =)

(I only wrote a couple of chapters of that e-book. I was simultaneously distracted by other things and disheartened by the enterprise. It wasn't funny enough to write about. But I'm told I should get back at it, so I will. I owe Mike a screenplay first, but after that, anything is possible.)

Oh yeah, school starts tomorrow. What's up with that? I have really really low expectations for it. And I'm also waiting to hear from CWY, and then there's the whole domain name expiry debacle...

But busy people get more done, don't they? Bring on the busy! Yee-ha!

- William

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