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snow and... er, stuff

It's been quite a morning. You'll remember my incessant rants about winter, right? Well, now that it's spring, you won't be subjected to them anymore, right?

Wow, look at the lovely snow.

Not a snowball's chance in Hell. (View from the back porch, April 21st, 2005.)

Oh well, it's all melted now. But STILL!

Oh, true story: Grandma and I were transplanting trees yesterday, and we were parked way out in one of the fields. We happened to be near-ish a pile of manure which was to be sold to other farmers for use as fertilizer. But not just now, because Dad's lost his wedding ring in there. Before you have visions of my father meticulously picking through a pile of old manure, let it be said that they're going to hire someone with a metal detector to come and pick through the manure. Gee, that sure sounds like the highlight of any salvager's career, eh?

Here are some more pictures:

The ferry to the Magdalen Islands
The ferry from Souris PE to Cap-aux-Meules QC, in the Îles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands). Gee, this could soon be an international port if things go badly in Ottawa.

So, what's a cl?
Who can tell me what a cl is? My European friends would already know, so I ask them not to answer. =) The first person to guess correctly wins my hearty approbation!

And, finally, Ashley from the group, about to dispose of some flowers she's not allowed to take into Canada. It's really kind of heart-wrenching, and there's also a story behind the flowers but it skips my mind at the moment. (Pearson Terminal One)

That's all for now, because I don't really have any spare webspace anymore. =)


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