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please, sir, when is winter over?

Ah... I remember fondly the days when I was a child, walking up the driveway behind my foster brother Carl, in a good ol' PEI winter. I'm thinking of a time when it was -30ºC, snow was blowing everywhere, and school was cancelled.

This morning school was cancelled in the West school district, but merely delayed by one hour in the East (that's us). I think Uncle Shane enjoyed his hour off.

Anyway, last night was a monster. Snow was blowing everywhere, and the wind kept buffeting the house. Ordinarily I don't mind this, but it happened in such a way that it caused the floor in my room to creak continually. I am talking some hardcore creaking here! It was as bad as the dog in Płużnica, and both were timed for 3:00am. Fortunately, there was a warm couch in the new sunporch with my name on it, though Aunt Shirley was really curious as to why I slept there. =)

Today turned out to be a really nice day. I took care of Ila this afternoon while Dad and Melaney were in Summerside.

All things bright and beautiful, I do wonder when my winter will be over. I'm taking the generous and pessimistic step of naming Winter to be first snowfall through to last snowfall. So, with that, my Winter started on September 5th, the first snowfall in Grande Prairie. And it goes until at least today. Last night was a full-blown Winter Storm. It's just melting more quickly than usual.

Yeah, I should'a went to Guatemala. =) Polski snyek nie bardzo dobje!

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