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seven birdies

Tiger Woods got seven birdies in a row this morning while finishing his Third Round, tying a Masters record. Of course, since it's Augusta National, we don't get to see them until CBS coverage begins at 3:30. They couldn't even let USA network or somebody cover the last half of the Third Round? If it wasn't for the delays, we'd have seen those holes live.

Look on the bright side; ten years ago they weren't allowed to show the front nine at all. If you wanted to see those holes played, you had to buy a ticket to The Masters. Actually, they aren't expensive. But getting them, on the other hand...

Tournament Tickets
Tournament or "Series" Badges (Thursday through Sunday) have been sold to those on our patron list, which was closed due to demand in 1972. A waiting list began in 1972, and was closed in 1978. It reopened in 2000, and it too is now closed. No applications for "Series" Badges are currently being accepted.

Good luck.

Church this morning was the usual mental distress, but I had fun greeting everyone before and afterwards. My sisters came over here for lunch. I'll be babysitting them on Tuesday. Time to sharpen my Kraft Dinner skillz... I made it once before, many years ago, for my first cousins on my mother's side. It took me an hour. This time I'll shoot for fifteen minutes, and there's a chance I can do better than that. When it took an hour, I was doing other things as well as entertaining Colin, Stuart, and Erin with impromptu Beatles tunes.

Stuart: "You suck."

He was right.

I don't know what to do with myself these days. It's not like I'm idle or anything, because there's always a lot to do. I'm just thinking, what do I do in general? Should I be taking an LSAT or something, just to see if I could apply to law school? But I've never dreamed about being a lawyer. Well, maybe there's a theatre club I could join at my prospective law school. Anyway... it's probably safe to say that I don't have the prerequisites to apply for law school, so this is a moot point.

What do you think? What should I do? All my CWY friends said I should get into urban planning, but just because I'm facinated with a tiny minority of the things that go into such work doesn't necessairily mean I have urban planning potential.

I guess I should stop worrying about the future and focus on right now. Right now I owe like a hundred people pictures that I promised I'd e-mail them. So I'll do that now. By the time I start, The Masters will be on.


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