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Wednesday, the day of Canadian Idol auditions in Charlottetown, is fast approaching. I've prepared a long-ish list of songs I know by heart, trying to balance the need to exhibit a variety of styles while sticking to songs that I am passionate about.

Last year I only got to sing a verse and change of Simon and Garfunkel's "America" while I was nervous as heck and hopped up on caffeine. Needless to say, I didn't even get a pink slip. This time, while I will be prepared to sing "America," I will sing something else at the outset. Something more me - to be honest, I know little of travelling with a lover on a Greyhound bus through the mid-Eastern United States. I can't really sing to Kathy, or to the Executive Producer for that matter, whom I had the privilege of auditioning in front of last time.

Tonight I'll present some of the songs I know to Shane & Shirley, and see which ones they like. Then I'll work on the ones I don't know so well tomorrow while they're both at work. Privacy can be a good thing. Gee, maybe I'm too self-conscious to be a performer, but I'm working on it.

Other notes, some related to the fact that this is my first time in PEI in April in twelve years:

- When you see a sign on PEI indicating a rough spot, you'd better brace yourself. At the PEI interchange (there's only one) near Borden, we drove right and underneath the Trans-Canada to head for Summerside. Just handy the overpass, there was a sign indicating a bump. Not only did it have the sign with the bump symbol, but there were also two other little placards that said "Bad Bump," and "150 m." They weren't kidding. We all came several inches out of our seats!

- There's another such place near Dingwell's Mills - after spending two minutes negotiating a pothole-ridden stretch of Route 2 that hasn't been upgraded to Highway Standard, you come to the turnoff to Route 4. Taking the turn, you're presented with a sign that says "Rough Pavement." You then proceed onto a highly warped stretch of road where even going the speed limit is hazardous to your vehicle's health.

- Rae is talking like anything, and she calls Ila "Ida."

- Dad & Melaney put up a website for their farm. Cool.

For now, that's all the news from Mud Land.

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