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Ha-ha! I rule! I'll live, and foxe139 will be devoured, I say! Then I'll be able to set up my own filmmaking empire! Muah-ha-ha. Just not zombie filmmaking, because that would bring back bad memories about the time my life became like a zombie movie.

How long would you last in a zombie movie by zombi357
Weapon of choice
Friend who turned that you had to killmiss_cho
Chance you will survive: 84%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

It's regrettable that I didn't have time to make a good April Fool's joke. I didn't even update my troll! Man, oh man! So far, the only good jokes I've seen are Brad's Corner and Google Gulp. I'd better scurry about before the jokes start coming down!

I'm in Souris as I type this. Among the things I've forgotten to take with me: My Polish dictionaries. Thank goodness for LingvoBit. It generates garbage, but it does so more quickly than I generate trash with my dictionaries. Czarek called it Chinglish. People laughed a lot during my farewell presentation, but not just at the pictures.

Widzą was wkrótce!

But really, I wanted to say "do widzenia."

See you!

- William

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