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Wow, what a day. A good day. A windy day, a weird day. A day with narrow wooden staircases and friendly faces everywhere. An everything day.

First I walked from my house to the bus stop (7:25am), and caught the 82 (8:02am). Then I walked from the ferry terminal to Fenwick Towers because I had a brain fart and thought we'd be going up Spring Garden Road. Wrong. Then Katie and I walked to the Lord Nelson. Then we walked to Saint Mary's. Then I walked to NSCAD. Then I walked to Saint Mary's, but only got as far as the Dairy Queen, where I waited for Ryan. Then we walked to Strange Adventures. ("Wanna go to Strange Adventures?" "Sure, we're strange, and I'm looking for adventure." "Shut up.") Ryan bought like a million comic books, then we walked to the McDonald's. Then I walked to the Public Library, then to the B's who live somewhere in the south end. After that I walked to the AFCOOP meeting at the CBC building (on Ryan's advice), saw Mike and foxe139 and something really cool called The Movie Movie. Not to mention all the really cool people there, Foxes included. I look forward to seeing them again.

Oh, and then I walked halfway home from the bus stop, where my Mom picked me up, since it was stormy. I didn't really want the ride, but it was kind of cold out (11:00pm).

I made some important non-decisions today. There'll be no blind leaps of faith for me, just cautious, tenative probings in many directions at once. Isn't that what summer is for? So I did register for my summer courses at NSCAD. I mean, they won't kill me.

Uh, oh yeah, it's lamentia's birthday tomorrow, so Semagic informs me. He's been kind of neglected. It's hard enough to keep up with a real life, let alone maintain a troll.

I feel ready to go to PEI now. I love having long days in the city, though. I'm also appalled at my social timing - all the coolest stuff is going on this weekend! Well, there'll be more weekends, I suppose.

PS: I also saw Doug Pitcairn today. What a great prof. It had been about a year or so since I'd walked down to his office. Anyway, the chat inspired me to hunt down some Isaac Asimov books at the library, but I ended up coming away with Brian Aldiss' Helliconia Spring.

PPS: An actual exchange:
"Ann! Hi!"
She stops, we smile at each other for a few moments.
"Ann F-----?" I ask. She has her hair color, hair style, freckles, countenance, and everything.
"No, but my first name is Annie!" Huh. Amazing.
We talked about who Ann F----- is, then parted ways. This is her twin. I wonder why they haven't run into each other yet. With only 350,000 people here, it's bound to happen eventually.

Moral of the story: I like strangers! She, and many more, were very very friendly today. Thank you, world! (And the strangers!)

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