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my NetCorps photo contest entries

Just thought I'd share my NetCorps contest photos with you all... these are hastily-picked, as the deadline was earlier tonight. Eventually, someday, I will do a proper photo journal for my website. But for now, here are eleven pictures from Poland, five of which were entered in the contest. Again, they're rather random.

Entry category: Youth. Some of my English pupils! I believe these kids are in sixth grade.

Entry category: ICT. A drawing I made about what I was afraid my job would be like. It was the most creative ICT photo I had. There's really not a whole lot of great photo opportunities in this category.

Entry category: Development. A client at a rehabilitation centre presents one of the girls with a... well, gee, you can't really see it. It's some kind of flower. I have a few great pictures of each of the girls with their flowers, which I'm sure you'll see sometime soon.

Entry category: Nature. Again, I was kind of scraping the barrel. This is a picture of the lake in front of the hotel where we held our Participant Orientation Camp.

Entry category: Culture. Afrika 15, a major reggae festival held anually in Torun. This was shot during a break in the music, so people would come into the anterooms and make their own music, which was pretty cool.

Sophie and a market stand in Krakow.

Part of the royal castle on Wawel Hill, in Krakow.

The cemetery in front of the church in Pluznica. (Man, I miss being able to use RightAlt to get Polish characters.)

Me and my crew at the gymnasium (junior high).

In Pluznica, that can be a bus. However, there are also conventional busses. Actually, their school busses are much more comfortable than ours.

Pluznica, where fields meet houses.

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