William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

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home again

... mundane for general conversation. If you can believe it, we actually talk about things like weather, roads, high schools, old friends, etc.. I think sometimes we drift into areas that aren't mutually interesting, which is a huge problem when I talk to John on the phone, but not a problem in real life, because he's better at reading body language and tone (in person) than I give him credit for.

My mood selection refers to my no longer being hungry. It's suprising, considering that I only had one piece of pizza. But when you add in the dozen grapes and the two hot-cross buns, plus a really really thin slice of the Spicy Chicken pizza I just heated for Mom and Paul... well, it's not so suprising anymore. Hmm. Time to read a book and then work on my secret plan, methinks.
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