William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

So here I am with my mother at the eye doctor's office. A sign says that I shouldn't use my cell phone. I should probably ask, but these WAP posts make no sound, so I'll just soldier on anyway.

I have a lot of responsibilities these days and Prince Edward Island seems further away than ever. I have precious little free time (which I sometimes waste) and money (which I stress about a lot... C'mon, resettlement allowance!) I'm not complaining, except to note that my life is a void. I'm only really happy when I'm hanging out with my old friends.

I got the chance to talk with Jon at the Killam Library on Monday afternoon. Oh, sure, I've seen him a million times in the past months, but I hadn't had any real, lengthy conversations with him. When Tanya's around, the two of us monopolize each other's attention, and I'm afraid that he gets left out. I should be a much better friend to him than that.

It's no burden either, I really enjoy the chance to talk about things that the rest of the world considers too...

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