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President's Choice®: Memories of Shore Drive™ Duct Tape

Things are coming along well with my "secret plan." The plan is not as secret as I'd like it to be, because people keep asking me what my plans are. And, truth be told, it's not all that earth-shattering, I guess...

We had a wonderful night at Bufalo Club (yep, that's the spelling) this evening. Tonight's movie was Witness for the Prosecution. Oh, it was fantastic! Great story, great cast - I must single out Charles Laughton, who was a gem from start to finish. Anyway, it's a wonderful movie. And I've got to start keeping track of what movies we see, as I've been assigned the task of constructing the Bufalo Club website (but visualize a glacier).

Tanya and I talked a lot, a super-lot, and it was good. Ryan came by at one point, but then he had to go do tech for a SMUDS production. He said I should go with him, but I was leery of going because I'm not the best-liked among that crowd, which is mostly my own fault because I was much too self-interested and weird when I first met these people back in 2000 for our production of The Crucible (in which I played Giles Corey). I want to build bridges back to them again, and I thought I had made progess with Murder for One, but I didn't make as much as I thought I did. Looking back, I was still desperate and not much fun to be around, even then. Learning to relax takes time.

On Thursday night we had a Saint Patrick's Day party at Ryan's - it was so much fun to see everyone again and have a few Guinness. There was a lot of re-living of my August going-away party, but only through pictures. I don't know if we'll ever be able to top that. =)

I could also live without the bare patches on my arms that persist for months. It really doesn't take much duct tape to make a mess of one's arm hair situation.

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