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in disbelief

I look about my life here now - it consits of many little pieces that have to be put back together. I know I can do it, though, so I am undaunted.

I'm listening to the CD Przemek put together for us that consists of one song representing (and chosen by) each participant. I'm listening with feelings of nostalgia (why bother writing the entry when I can just cite my current mood and music?) and disbelief - was I really ever in Poland? Me? Why was I there? What happened? How did I end up back here, and how can I go on with my life yet give due consideration to all the people whose lives touched mine while I was there?

In writing an e-mail to my host brother (also named Przemek), I wonder how to conjugate certain Polish verbs. Polish is a language of exceptions, as some native speakers have as much as said. Maybe I should just translate blindly, as I did with the titles in my farewell presentation. I think the humour will wear off quicky on that one, though. I must gradually increase my understanding of the language through practice. But thank goodness there's only one person / household that I must write to in Polish. Paulina (19, f, brunette) wants me to write to her more so that she can practice reading and writing in English for her maturation exams.

Oh, Cedrick, Ashley, Roma, Dima, Przemek 1 and 2, Sophie... and everyone... I was so lucky to meet you. Am so lucky, as most of us will meet again. But we'll never all be together again, which is rather sad. As Gimli put it,

"We will send word when we may, and some of us may yet meet at times; but I fear that we shall not all be gathered together ever again."
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