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sir, we barely knew thee

Miranda and Monika's next-door neighbour passed away today at age 77. He was putting together a scrapbook for us of all our newspaper clippings. Monika was the last person to see him alive. She's understandably a little freaked out.

We're wrapping things up to leave Płużnica - in Canada World Youth, leaving a community is a lot of work. I'm preparing a presentation, as I said. But tonight I had no time to work on pictures; I spent my entire evening making my heading slides and translating them into Polish.

It would be nice if I had some shots of participants and their host families. Well, I mean, I have some, but not everyone. In Grande Prairie we set aside a day just to take pictures with our host parents while we wore suits. We don't have time for that here.

Jen needs the "team laptop" back, so I guess I'll have to finish this tomorrow night. I find it's feast-or-famine with the computers. Well, the jostling for computer time will all be over soon!

See you soon!
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