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Greetings again from Płużnica. I'm happy; you're happy, but the novelty is wearing off, isn't it? It's not quite so off-the-wall to be in Poland anymore. Getting sick really took the winds out of my sails. Now I'm getting those winds back, but their potency is deadened by the melancholy atmosphere in the community and in the group as we prepare to go home. It's almost a bad thing that we go through so much CWY preparing-to-leave hassle, because it keeps people's minds on the unpleasantness that we are leaving and, worse, it makes us perhaps even anxious to leave. I'm not quite sure how to explain this, except to say that I am disappointed with my current attitude (looking forward to going home) because I know that as soon as I get home, I'll just wish I was back here again. Well, not on the exchange, but back here.

So yes, I'm really melancholy now. And stressed - I have a presentation to make by Thursday. Easier said than done, as there's always a line to use the computer, except when people are using SMGP for drinking / gathering purposes (as they are now). But it can be done. I look forward to going through pictures. I don't know if I can bring tears to people's eyes like Ashley did in Grande Prairie, but I can at least try. Music must be the secret ingredient, and for that I can simply consult Ashley. She's always happy to lend advice in her areas of expertise. I am so happy to have her with us, and I'll miss her and all the Canadians quite a bit when the program ends.

Which reminds me, when I get home, who am I going to talk to about this stuff? I'll be actively seeking out people who have had exchange experiences (my LJ friends list includes several), or people who know something about Poland (I know at least three IRL in Halifax). I'll also want to see my relatives in PEI a lot... I just want to drop everything and run over to PEI right now. I'd spend a week just working on photos and my website, and finish that screenplay for Mike. In my spare moments I'd polish my résumé and search for interviews. On evenings and weekends I'd do things with my relatives, socialize... I'd get lots of exercise, as I could go on the Confederation Trail with Aunt Shirley's bike, or just walk around Souris.

Ah... summer. Where is it? Oh, speaking of, what should I do about my education? What comes next? I have no idea; I was tempted / determined to go for my Honours Equivalency, but now I'm not so sure. I don't like English that much. But maybe I should just suck it up and do it. I need the extra education.

Or maybe I can get my TOEFL and go overseas to teach English? Ah, but where? Poland? I could do that, and I'd - this is painful to type - polish my Polish, but I've always wanted to see Pacific Asia. And I need to see Vancouver as well. My foster brother and my cousin live there or thereabouts.

So many places to go, so little time. I also need to become a Sun Worshiper in the next five years. I've decided that Winter is NOT for me. Then again, neither is the Sun - I avoid direct sunlight like the Plague, unless I've slathered on sunscreen with a trowel. I also don't want a tan - I find sun damage to be terribly unsexy. Hey, I like dark-skinned women as much as light-skinned - but tans? Ick! I can just picture all the little wrinkles forming, and... eww. When did sun damage become attractive, anyway? I mean, back in the day, it was the height of unfashionability! It meant you worked in the fields, that you weren't aristocracy. (I've got nothing against working outside, though I'll try to wear sunscreen.)

Well, this is a bunch of blathering on, going against my current outlook of taking things one day at a time. I'll continue to do so, and I'll start by singing off this blog. I'm being antisocial anyway.
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