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don't mistake this torrent of verbiage for a spring of capital truths (not that you would)

I didn't get much sleep last night because first we had Chinese New Year at Jen's apartment (which was just the Canadians, minus one French Canadian, but plus the Polish supervisor), then I went home to bed and was up for an additional forty minutes writing the outline for a novel that had popped into my head.

(Which reminds me, by far the best use of my cell phone so far has been to wake Czarek up to let me in the house. Last time I had to scale onto the balcony - drunk. Tonight I wasn't drunk, but I certainly didn't feel like tackling the balcony again. It's one of those things I'd do to preen for a girl (on the condition that she was outside with me or that we were already in a relationship), but not in normal life.)

More cell phone troubles - the electrician replaced my membrane / button assembly with a working speaker and busted LCD with a new-to-me assembly with a working LCD and busted speaker. People can hear me, but I can't hear them, even with the volume up all the way. Now I probably will have to cannibalize my Fido phone after all. Augh! I needed to sell that damn thing. Now I'll have to buy a part first. Heck, the whole membrane. It's $20-or-so that could be better used elsewhere, no doubt.

Today I plan to spend some time looking at my future. Oooh... I feel faint already. I'll definitely need coffee for this task. So I'll go make one as soon as I post.

For the first time in my life, I almost feel good to be single. For these next few months, I can do what I need to do without having to answer to anyone.

Oooh... I could faint from so much freedom. Haaalp. I've got butterflies in my stomach already. Maybe I have emotional issues or something. <emo> (sorry Tony (tony_says)) Oh, my life done be so bleak. It's like I listen to some eighth track of a CD Joe likes, and I don't know the name, but then I think that I'm supposed to be reminded of a girl, and I try this, and it done be so bleak. It makes me want to la la in the van while I'm driving I'll try not to crash, is the only time I hear that song, oh, oh, life is an LOL for them, life is AFK for them, but where am Iiiiieeeeeeee? Oh, life is so bleak. Teenager or twenty-ager, you're misunderstood, oh! Oh, people hated me in high school, they thought I was crazy, some still think so, and this dumb song is the prooooof. Beeee rrrrr bbbbb. </emo>

I don't know what the hell that was, but it felt good to write.

On a plus note, I am attempting to e-mail pictures to the Ukrainians on the other exchange, from the time when we met when both exchanges were staying at Edmonton House. 12MB bounced, so I tried 7MB, and that bounced, so I tried 5MB, and that bounced. Huh. Don't they have 250MB of storage these days? Maybe they do it by country, because people with American Hotmail accounts got 250MB months and months before I and most fellow Canadians did. Ukraine's probably way down the list. I dunno. Anyone know anything?

I'm going to read the Da Vinci Code. Yes, an actual book. My last novel was Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer. Seek it out, it's good stuff, and it's set in good ol' Toronto, mostly at the ROM.

Okay, now to tackle reality. Did you know that I had High Honours my last year at CPA? And for want of time (t'was May before it crossed my mind that I should think about university), I ended up at Saint Mary's. Mind you, Saint Mary's is a good school. I'm just tired of hearing the following joke. In fact, I was in Alberta when I heard this joke:

"What do you get when you drive through Saint Mary's?"
"I dunno, what?"
"A Bachelor's Degree."

Hahahahahahahaha, don't make me snort beer out my nose, k? I'm going to tell that one a thousand times when I get back, and I'll make lots of new friends! (SARCASM LEVEL: Maximum)

PS: Lent scares the crap out of me. Everyone here is Catholic, and they are all acting very differently. Nobody wants to party anymore (one of the Canadians is passing up all sweets!), and they want to spend more time in church. It probably scares me more because I was raised Protestant than because I consider myself an atheist. I mean, we're just so different. I'm sorry, but we are. I have yet to hear a United Church member or even a (Canadian) Presbyterian say anything about meat on Fridays during Lent, for instance. I don't know what the Methodists, Congregationalists, and older Presbyterians (these groups made up the United Church of Canada), or what the Church of Scotland (the predecessor of the Presbyterian Church) thought about this stuff. I'm sure they were more conservative.

Not that I'm saying New Age / mellow religion is any better than the old stuff. Quite the contrary, instead of getting out of beliefs altogether, people still want to change their moral compasses in a collective, pack-animal manner. Well, at least they want to change them, or they feel that they can define what is "spiritually" best for themselves and/or their religion (this goes double for the United Church, which is about as celebrative of individuality as you can get and still be a Christian church, and hardly goes at all for the Catholic Church, which is guided more by its leaders than by its constituents). That is certainly different from the days of Yore! The Teutonic Knights, whose ruins I am currently surrounded by, did not spare a quarter for anyone different - in fact, in cases where they couldn't be bothered to distinguish Christian from Heathen in a newly-conquered village, they have been known to "burn them all, for the Lord will know his own."

Good news: For the price of a six-inch telescope and a CCD camera, you can obtain direct evidence of a planet orbiting another star. This is important. Also meaningful is that you can go to Point Pleasant Park and watch the container ships sail out into the ocean. (In fact, this is sadly easier now than it once was, thanks to the combined ravages of insects and storms.) Maybe take some binoculars. Notice that they disappear from the bottom up? And you could also replicate Erastothenes' measurement of the circumference of the Earth, as this (AOL!) kid did, although you'd need to have a little bit more time on your hands.

Maybe you can also take these things based on "faith." People sometimes say that science is like a religion. This bothers me, because in science there ought to be no such thing as "truth," and everything postulated must be subject to testing. Religion is the opposite, and maybe by comparing religion to science I am making a fundamental mistake. Remember the end of Inherit the Wind, when Drummond picks up the Bible and Origin of Species and carries them out together? There's a point to be made there - maybe it's apples and oranges, as they say. I admit, I know next to nothing about science. I'm an English major, for crying out loud. And I absorb ideas from other people far too readily - I'm gullible like that. In my daily life, I draw conclusions directly from observations, especially when I'm dealing with people. But maybe I have to just to function socially. Anyway, I'm just trying to say that I don't know anything, and I'd rather be this than going back to when I was a kid and I thought I knew everything (about the afterlife, about girls, etc..). Plus I'd rather not live my short life in pennance for imaginary crimes.

To balance my anti-authoritarian rant, here's a SETI editorial that says Giordano Bruno was his own worst enemy. It makes a lot of sense. I lament this, because to me, Bruno's was a great story to tell. But I was wrong. Bruno seemingly could have easily escaped execution by being gracious. I admit this is not a common trait among 17th-century astronomers. Or me, for that matter, and I am not gifted with such brilliance as to be justifiably arrogant. Was Bruno? Well, I only know that I'm certainly not! And this not-so-brilliant person has to find a job now. As fawnzie says, latah dayz.

- William
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