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Weird stuff has been going down here in Płużnica lately. I've been alternating between feeling sick and feeling awesome, feeling dead and feeling glad. It's a roller coaster ride that I'm glad I'm on.

Yesterday at work was truly awesome. I was literally a star everywhere I went. I felt like Brooke Barnard visiting Armbrae Academy of yore. I had so much fun with all the different age groups, and people were taking pictures of me with their cell phones and I was signing autographs and everything... There will be memories to last a lifetime.

It's not all fun and games, though. For starters, I think I'm allergic to everything. I also think I have a bit of a cold, too, and I'll be happy when that's gone.

Also, one of our participants will be leaving the program as of early tomorrow morning; Dave will depart for Warshawa (Warsaw) at 3:20am to catch a 9-ish flight. To be blunt, he is unhappy and wants to get on with his life. It's his own decision, and I hope he does what is best and finds his happiness again when he returns to Québec.

Tonight we'll have a bittersweet sendoff for him. As Miranda has said, we've had far too many farewell parties... let's see, we've lost Nic, Yulia, Vita, Daniel, Eduard and now Dave. (However, we have gained Olesya and Marchin.) In Edmonton, we had a farewell when we were separated from the Ukranians, and another when we were separated from the Poles. Holy Toledo, this has been a nutty exchange. But I digress.

Tomorrow while Dave is on his way west, we'll be touring Toruń (which seems like a welcome gift to us pun-lovers who happen to run to Toruń for the sake of the "joke"). It's a nice city just a little bit smaller than Halifax, though much, much older. (Actually, Halifax is quite an old city by North American standards, but even St. John's looks like a flash-in-the-pan compared to most Polish cities.) Miranda and I had an invitation to visit Chelmno again later in the evening, but we had to turn it down, because it would have been far too much trouble to arrange.

I miss my phone (Well, I have it, of course, but it's CDMA. I only brought it along so I could stay in touch in the Canadian airports.). I did buy a former Fido phone (a Nokia 3390) while I was in Canada, but that was a mistake. I could have got a nicer phone here for the same price, and the phone here would have worked. Apparently North American GSM and European GSM aren't always the same. Mind you, I've heard of more destructive ways to spend $100 (after removing the SIM lock and getting a SIM card and all that good stuff...), but it's still annoying. "Next time, do research," is my new medium-ticket-item purchasing motto. My cell phone was an impulse purchase in the first place, but I don't think I could have done better than 877-WILL. It was worth it just for that. So be sure to call me in Edmonton after March 8th, which can be done by dialing (780)-446-7626 followed by (902)-877-9455. Well, peace out!
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