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update from Lisewo

Just thought I'd throw up a quick update between classes. Things are going fairly well on the activites front; I have a CSS presentation to prepare for Monday but I should be able to put it together in a reasonable ammount of time. There will be partying on Thursday (Ukranian New Year's Eve), Friday (Robert (an English teacher) invited us to Lisewo to meet people), Saturday (Marchin's parent's company party which will imitate a Polish Wedding, this will be formal-dress, open bar). For Sunday I have nothing scheduled but recovery. =)

In a way, technology is more readily available here than in Grande Prairie. We have a key to the "youth center" below TRGP, which contains a modern computer with a CD burner. That makes things hella easier than in GP. Also we will be doing all of our ICT (Information and Communication Technology) training in an actual computer lab in TRGP. Again, this is much more than we ever had in Grande Prairie, with the exception of three consecutive days at city hall near the end of the program.

I've been spending a lot less money here than I thought I would be, which is probably a good thing. I'm not really into the whole souvieniers thing (aside from postcards), but I suppose I ought to pick up something Polish... maybe I'll take home some vodka or something.

Czarek and I are famous at the Primary School / Junior High ("Gymnasium") now. Everyone says "hello" to us, and sometimes people point to us (or, particularly, me) and laugh. Well, they're just kids. Anyway, most of the people like us, but sometimes I feel like the first white man to discover some aboriginal tribe in a jungle somewhere. Even though we look alike in this case (although, because I am a solarphobe, I am whiter than just about anyone), the feeling is similar. Different culture, different language.

But there's not a lot of time to mull over this stuff, really. I'll be back in Canada in eight weeks less two days, and back in Nova Scotia five days after that. This will be over in the blink of an eye, and for that reason I am determined not to spend time commiserating, but I will definitely be glad to be home. ("Yay! Nobody is laughing at me anymore! Yay! I can read all the signs!")

One last thing, Canadian Idol will be in Charlottetown on Wednesday April 6th, and I will certainly be auditioning. The timing works out perfectly; I was planning to be back in Prince Edward Island by then anyway. It's funny that they're not going to Halifax this year, so Haligonians wanting to audition will have to go to Sydney (April 9th). The other nearby audition is Moncton (New Brunswick), which will have auditions on the 15th. For the Newfies, there will be an audition in St. John's on the 12th.
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