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cold day in Płużnica

Czarek is playing darts by himself behind me, so I'd better make this quick. (That is, we're currently back-to-back. If he was simply throwing darts behind me, then I'd really have to make this quick.) =)

Went to NWK today. Fundraised for WOSP. Both have a lot of Polish letters, so I'll share the full words with you later. I spent a whole lot of time out in the cold, but it was for a good cause. I was miserable, but I kept telling myself that it was either boredom in the cold or malaria in a grass hut in the tropics. All part of Canada World Youth! =) Anyway, there's this whole series of misadventures including getting left behind while others went to play volleyball and what was left of our group being forgotten and having to wait an extra 45 minutes in Płużnica. Outside. Marchin sure came to get us pretty quick after we got a hold of him, though!

I would like it a lot if there were more people here my age... there are a lot of people who are much younger (younger than 17) and many people a little bit older (25 and up, but all married). Apparently nearby Toruń is a university city of over 300,000, and we'll be there a lot apparently. Anyway, that is only a lament about my, er, "prospects." Otherwise this place is just great. I shouldn't be making comparisions anyway, because that's the first sign of culture shock.

See you guys later!
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