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my schedule

So, as far as I know, these are my plans for the next few days. It'll be a little packed, but easily manageable. I'm posting this mostly for my own benefit, but also to see if there's any possible way I can cram in some social interaction somewhere along the way. I told a lot of people I'd be free lots after coming back from Sherbrooke, but this turned out to be less than true. My cold and the snowstorm complicated things. Well, at least the driveway's clear! Heck, you could use it as a go-kart track now because of all the fluffy white sidewalls. =)

Today, Wed. 29:

- Head into Halifax with Mom's car, pick up forgotten coat shipped from Sherbrooke =) also do some banking and attempt to make an important apology to a former good friend.
- Laundry, packing.
- Gee, I suppose this evening might be free-ish if I get my act together soon enough...

Thursday, 30:

- Take Paul for groceries.
- Again, another possible free evening. Wow, let's hear it for time management!

Friday, 31:

- Dinner at the B's.
- I dare not plan anything else for this day. Just to get my act together, everything zipped up and checked and accounted for, and all that good stuff - I'd better give it half a day for safety's sake.

Saturday, 1:

- Get back home on the extended bus service, burn a CD of photos, then wake mom up to take me to the airport.
- Meet group & Nic at Pearson.
- Meet Jolene at Pearson. (maybe)
- Plan my return-trip itinerary.

In any case, my number is still 877-WILL and it will remain active until I board the flight for Frankfurt around 6-ish on Saturday. After that my phone will be on vacation disconnect, and you won't be able to even leave messages. I'll tell you about my new number as soon as I activate my GSM phone in Poland, and I will have the same Halifax number when I reactivate my good ol' CDMA phone on March 8th when landed in Toronto again.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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