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editing time

So, here I am in a total stranger's house waiting for Shi-Eun to show up with the camera and tapes so that we can edit our rendition of the Kate Chopin short story "Story of an Hour." This is awkward; Shi-Eun said he'd be here after 4 to get things started - I got here around 5:45, even though I said 6:30... the bus schedule, you know? But I have faith he'll get here, because he's a dedicated, serious, and competent guy. It's just odd for me to be in someone's (Eric's) computer room, as I am unknown and untested with them. But here's to good times in the future. I hope Shi-Eun gets here soon, because I want to get started. We're using Eric's computer because it is by far more powerful than the computers present in our own homes - I guess that says something about artistic and creative people being poor, doesn't it? Or maybe the sick fact that some of us poor people gravitate towards Arts in university (instead of, say, Real Paid Occupations). Eric, for instance, is an Engineering student at Dalhousie, and he has this kick-ass Dell Dimension 8200, which is also pleasantly free of crap (though having to surf in IE is extremely annoying - but I'm not going to put Mozilla Firefox on his machine because that would be rude).

The shoot yesterday went extremely well, and I'm not saying that just because I got to be in a sex scene. (I know, I know, there was no mention of sex in the original short story. What's worse is that we're doing this for actual grades.) Actually, doing the sex scene was an unpleasant experience. But Shi-Eun is here, so I'm going to sign off. Later!

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