William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

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pages and pages

I got thirteen pages of writing done today! Holy shit, I never do that!

I've just got to keep on trucking and not give up, that's all.

Tried to find fun tonight, but couldn't. I'm largely a victim of chronometry and geography. But I got lots of writing done instead. I'm partying hard tomorrow night, anyway; plans have already been made. First I'm going to a work party and then to another party - I picked up a little bottle of Iceberg today along with some raspberry vodka coolers. It should be good times.

I watched the last fifteen minutes of Marry Poppins at Future Shop today. Wow, that was a great movie. Standing in the store, watching Mr. Bank's scene with the Bank owners after the run on the bank, tears came to my eyes. By the time the movie ended, they were flowing, and I had to pretend I was cleaning my glasses or that I had allergies.

Anyway, it's time to go sleepy-bye. Not much chance of finding any online fun at this hour, and I need to be up and running early-ish tomorrow, as much needs to be planned. Jolly good fun, my life has been lately!

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