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the dumb money

"Writing is fun! Writing is fun!"

I tell myself this all the time now, and it's the truth. Writing can be a lot of fun, but to get started - oh, the Horror!

I've been engaging in an insane ammount of socializing lately. My calendar is actually more packed now than it was on the Canada World Youth exchange. Speaking of which, the exchange has almost fallen off my radar, as if my entire existence is this island of December in Halifax whilst everything else is a void. During the actual exchange, I felt the opposite way.

I often think about my groupmates sometimes. Sort of an, "Oh, right! Them! I wonder what They're up to?" I miss them, of course. Despite what I've said in the previous paragraph, it is a little weird not having them around 24/7 anymore.

It'd be nice if we got a departure date soon. The smart money is on a January 3rd departure - but remember when I said...?

"The smart money is on us going to Ukraine shortly, though, if not on Wednesday when the Poles will travel to Warsaw."

Yeah, I must have been on crack or something. If you hear me say "the smart money," it should be your signal to disregard everything I've said and run for the hills.
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