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news major huge CPA Christmas Party Reunion be there

For those of you whom I haven't spammed the living daylights out of already...

The CPA Christmas Party Reunion

  Wednesday, December 22nd
     The Palace, Halifax
        9pm - Close

Seriously, guys, this'll be a blast and a half, at the very least. Last year's was a blast and three-quarters. This year it could very well be two blasts, or even more.

See that userpic? That's my buddy Zachary and I. It was taken at last year's CPA Christmas Party Reunion (see more pictures!). This year I have a better haircut and I will wear something different.

This will be fun beyond imagination. Not in the Final Fantasy VIII sense of "beyond imagination," because that turned out to be kind of lame, depending on who you talk to (except irisis). No, I mean real, hardcore fun.

More details are available at http://www.halifaxsurf.com/cpareunion, but here are a few key points:

COVER: $2.00


                         9:30pm –1:00am                 1:00am – Close

Bar Shots & Draft:           $1.75                           $2.25

Local Bottled Beer:          $3.25                           $3.25

So, c'mon out! You only live twice!

(Sorry, I've got 007 movies on the brain at the moment...)

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