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I'm really tired and don't feel like saying much... but you know, it's my duty to keep providing updates because otherwise I might as well not exist, right? Yeah, it's sleepy-bye time, especially since I can't sleep in - big video shoot tomorrow! More on that in a bit, or maybe more on that tomorrow night. But here, now, is what I came online to share:

One hour to showtime...

From left to right: Elie, Mike, William, Adam

These are the pictures from the March '04 SMUDS production of Murder for One, directed by Ann Foster. Most of these are from the first night, including all of the "us on stage" bits. Thanks go out to Sara (smu_sara) and Kelly S. for taking a lot of these pictures. An editied version of this page, with just the best photos, will probably end up part of Photo Series 18, but visualize a glacier - it probably won't get done until school is out for the semester. We'll see. Anyway, for now, here is almost every picture, in a LJ-exclusive (and also my first use of an LJ-cut):

(Note: I am not naming any of the characters, as it would be kind of meaningless... maybe I'll come back and do it later. I think it reads funnier to use people's proper names in relation to what their characters are doing. If anyone thinks this is really wrong of me, I can change it.)

Stephan and Sara

Elie, Mike, William, Adam

Darrel and Sam

Notice I'm not on stage. Apparently, I wasn't invited to my own banquet. For shame!

Kelly, William, Adam




Anyone picking up a theme here yet?

Simmer down, Marcy!

Elie, attributing something to the sole influence of me. Yay!

This is a reaction shot; this is not Patrick looking embarassed for being involved in this play. =) Incidentally, that's my stepfather Paul on the far right.

There's Patrick, going on about Sam again... all this bullshit about first love.

Well, it was too much for me to take sitting down!

Yeah, that'll show him to try and take away my things.

(Actually, Patrick nearly passed out on one of the shows, and I'm wondering if this isn't a shot of him getting picked up from that. In any case, it was unintentional. =) The funny thing about stage choking is that it is the chokee who does all the force, all I do is just put my hands to his neck. I imagine it's safer that way!)

Sam was miserable because Patrick wouldn't leave her alone, but not many people saw it my way. Well, who cares, it's my party.

You want to mess with me? No, I didn't think so.

Erin was right about me wanting a glorious vision. However, I'm not as sure about the "carrying my son" part as I was before she killed Sam, you know?

Psst! Stephan! The play's over! You can stop drinking now. Oh.

Mike and Ann, in charge of the "DA DA DAAA"s.

William and Vartika

Kelly, Randi, Patrick

Sarah Ritcey... okay, she's not in the play, but that is one kick-ass tie.

Erin and Kelly, the scheming sisters.

In the smoking room on the second night, running through our lines.

Ryan and William

In other news, Katie sent me a forwarded chain mail hoax about a 7-year old girl dying of cancer. I smelled a rat, then found it was a well documented urban legend. So I, politely, did the right thing. And she e-mailed me back and said, "Your right it was a hoax! Your quite the detective!" That made me happy. Then she said even her dad thought it was great I told them. That's cool because I usually screw up first impressions, you know?

Also, the beard is coming back!


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