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I just had a huge blow-up with someone. It doesn't matter who it was, so I'm not going to say.

It was the cap of a really lame night out. At one point I started calling a few people, without much luck. Fair enough, and any calls I did make were in hopes of a faint chance. For instance, I got a hold of Vince, but he was at a show. There were also lots of people I didn't call, probably because I respected them as much as I should have.

Maybe I'm a lousy friend sometimes, maybe I call people too much. I think I'm fairly restrained, but I could be wrong.

Tip: Angry people have no sense of humour:

"And don't let me [see] this posted in your livejournal"
"Well, I would have posted it to a custom security level that you couldn't access. =)"

(You guessed it, the conversation got worse from there.)

I don't know, I'm just trying to play this game like everybody else is and in this case I almost think I and the person in question are too much alike. I'm deliberately disrespecting her now by posting this, but hopefully it'll stay trivial if it's kept anonymous. It's more about me than her, anyway. If I wanted to bitch about her (and I have some reason to, but then she could just do the same to me), then I would be pond scum, whereas now I am simply mud. =)

Looking on the bright side, Ryan gave Mike and I a lift back to Bedford, and that car ride, and the ensuing car ride with Jen, were the most fun parts of the night. I saw a few people at Pacifico, but it was no great shakes unless you were with the Air Canada Jazz YHZ Christmas Party.

I thought everything was going to be Heaven this month.

It's definitely not summer anymore.

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