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The Grande Prairie / Halifax / Poland Exchange

Before I came to the cybercafé tonight, I was in one of those tired / blue moods that just sort of envelop you mentally and physically. It's like feeling upset, but about nothing specific. Or even nothing in general.

The best cure is distraction. I got on the Edmonton LRT (essentially a metro by another name, except that Toronto's and Montréal's are actually useful) and came to a new cybercafé, and then started e-mailing a few people about the change in plans. I also burned a disc full of pictures of my new CWY friends and lots of Edmonton sights. Now I feel just fine. Thank you to everyone who helps me by their mere existence!

So yeah, I'll be heading back to Halifax for most of December! The next segment of the exchange will be a Polish phase from early January through to early March, as opposed to a December through March Ukraine phase. This isn't official yet, but it's 99.9% certain that this will be what happens.

I think I'm going to love being back in Halifax. The question is, do we have a party in December or March? I think March is better. More people will be free then. Besides, I wasn't even supposed to be back now. This is like bonus time. And I intend to enjoy it!

I originally had a huge list of things I want to do and people I want to see, but I'll keep it in my head. Be assured that if you're a regular reader, it probably includes you! Well, if you live in Halifax, anyway. =) See you all soon!
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