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... the two that didn't skip town, anyway. Vita and Yulia are missing. The official word on this at 5:15 this morning in Miranda's room was that they were late for the airport shuttle.

Kelly: "I know it looks bad, but they're late, and that's the story we're sticking with."
Monika: "Yes, late, with their money and luggage."

Roma and Dima, meanwhile, are at Pearson Terminal One as I type this. They will be taking off for Vienna at 6:44pm EST, or about an hour from now.

If the program continues, a big if, we will see Roma and Dima again, as well as the Ukrainians on the reverse exchange that we met up with a few days ago (which does admittedly include some rather attractive female participants). But we may never see Vita and Yulia again. They're gone. Are they going to come back to us and get officially dismissed, just to be forced to board a plane bound for Kyiv? I doubt it.

Apparently they were attending a political rally last night, and heard what was "really going on in Ukraine." A lot of us are skeptical because Eduard, our Ukrainian Project Supervisor, insists that it is perfectly safe for us to come over. And CWY wants us to go, too, it's just the Embassy that got in the way. As Nic put it, it's rather hard to get insurance for a trip when your government won't sign off on its taking place. But to get to the point, I personally am afraid they may have been brainwashed or otherwise taken advantage of, and we're all very worried about them.

On the other hand, we're all coping suprisingly well with all this. We've decided, as a half-group, to enjoy our extended stay in Edmonton and to have fun and relax, since there's nothing else we can do. I think we're doing okay so far.

Yikes, does it ever get dark early up here. It's barely 3:30 and it feels like nightfall is imminent.

I'll survive this. I'm safe here, at a cybercafe called Naked on Jasper. I must say I rather like this place. Michelle was here, she is just now leaving.

I want to send Yulia and Vita an e-mail, but they probably won't reply because they'd be (rightly) afraid that I'd report their situation (if not their whereabouts) to Jen. And Jen would probably try to drag that information out of me against my will. Well, she wouldn't force anything, but she'd make it seem like a really good idea for me to share that information with her.

Michelle tells me she has e-mailed Yulia. Maybe I will too, but maybe I don't have to. Well, I should do it anyway.

- William
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