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When I first began this exchange, hardly anybody had any idea where Ukraine was, much less a perspective on the Ukrainian presedential election. I had been getting my news from other group members and academic documents, so I was under the impression that I was one of a select few who cared about what was going on.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Now that I'm being exposed to television and newspapers, I now understand why people would write me things like "Quite the election they're having!" How did they know? ... Heck, even The Guardian in PEI probably talks about Ukraine on the front page! It'd just be a CP or AP wire feed, but still.

The Canadian Embassy in Ukraine has told Canada World Youth not to send us over until they determine that we will be safe there. The Polish participants are here with us, while the Ukrainians left this morning on the flight that the whole group was originally going to take...

(Needless to say, this would be an extremely bad time to mail me anything.)
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