William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Just watched the Toronto Argonauts win the Grey Cup. I love it that the CFL has become relevant again. I love this country. A 41-year-old has been named MVP!

Tonight I have to write a thank-you speech that Czarek and I will read at the big farewell gathering. Apparently I can't include any negative humour. This will be a challenge for me; universal truths are much harder to come up with.

I'm in a cranky yet contemplative, happy but sad mood right now. I miss my friends and real family terribly. Yet the thought of living without my groupmates is repugnant.

I thank all of you for remembering me, which you are doing simply by reading this...

Wow, I just found out that the waitress is from Truro! Second person I've net from there!
Tags: alberta 2004
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