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Update: Please don't send me any letters until I know for sure where I am going. As I write this on the 27th, I have no idea as to whether or not our group will actually go to Ukraine as previously planned. Thank you.

Greetings from the Netcorps ICT training room at City Hall! (At last, we are actually doing some IT learing... thank you!)

I'm also excited that we're leaving Grande Prairie on Wednesday the 24th. The next two weeks is just going to be... wow, well in two weeks, we'll already be in Ukraine, you know? Isn't that awesome?

So here's a shout-out and thank you to everyone who's been keeping in touch with me all this time. It will be good to be able to go home and find that I still have the same friends =) as well as some new ones. In the meantime, here's my mailing address in Ukraine:

Eduard Balashov (for William Matheson)
The National University of Ostroh Academy
Seminarska St., 2
Ostroh, Rivine Region
35800, Ukraine

I wouldn't advise sending anything up to Alberta this late in the game, so if you have a letter or card ready to go, send it to Eduard's office. He's our Ukrainian Project Supervisor, and he says that this is the safest way to send mail since the University sorts its own mail whereas sending to my host family is subject to a few more hands in the chain, if you get my drift.

Also forthcoming will be my temporary Ukraine cell phone number. All I'll know 'till I get there and purchase a SIM card =) is that the first digits will be, for Canadians, (011) 380. Then there'll be another nine or so digits. Don't bother writing this down now! =)
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