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stuff, feeling happy

I mailed stuff today. I'm so proud of me.

The Cool Aid website is nearly finished (not uploaded, though, don't bother checking this link until Thursday or so), and now I'm working on some documentation for the staff. Then it's over to Monika and Miranda's work placement to do the same thing there.

Things are going pretty darned good right now. I think we're going to have an excellent rest-of-the-program.

It's very, very noisy here. I have to resist the temptation to crank up my music, because that will only make the kids in the hall below me shout louder. =)

I miss everyone in Halifax a lot. Hey, I'll be back in less than eighteen weeks! =) It seems brief when one puts it that way, I think. Actually, life itself is rather brief. I've been alive for just over 1,100 weeks.

We touch down in Kyiv in less than three weeks. Now that's what I call imminent.
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