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Alas, poor Nic

[10/2007: My language is strong in this post, and up until today it was screened to be LJ friends-only. However, upon review, I have decided that it's an accurate representation of how I felt at the time, and I like to think I go a little easier on Jen and Eduard now. =)

I can't believe Jen and Eduard (our supervisors) betrayed us for those bean-counting motherfuckers at the regional office.

I want to tell Jen, "I intend to obey and respect you, but I don't have to trust you. Ever again." It's the truth, but it might be better left unsaid. If I say it, I think I will tell her privately, because challenging her authority in front of the group will probably get me dismissed too.

Back at Nakamun, I figured none of us would even get a warning, much less a dismissal. None of us was going to do anything deserving of one, because we were such a great group of individuals as well as a great group as a group. And this turned out to be the case - unfortunately, it had little or no bearing on what actually transpired.

I feel very let down by Jen and Eduard and Canada World Youth as a whole. I would advise anyone reading this to stay the hell away from the organization altogether, except perhaps in the stead of a work placement supervisor or host parent, where you will have the opportunity to help the participants without undue fear of reprimand.

This has truly been the Exchange from Hell. The worst part is, all of the Hellish bits are beyond our control. Most things, like the shortge of non-psychopathic host families and actual IT-skills-related work placements, are 100% Jennifer's fault. Heads have to roll; we've picked up a lot of attention from the regional, and perhaps even the head office. Why can't it be Jen's head? She was the one who fucked up everything. Rumor has it she's over a month behind on her paperwork. We often get self-assessments or questionaires delivered to us that are due yesterday.

The Polish partner in the exhange, the Rural Development Foundation, has become very concerned about its four Polish participants. They are simply not getting the IT education that this program was supposed to give them. Most of us have Mickey Mouse jobs that are only somewhat IT-oriented, if at all. This doesn't bother me, because I'm not really that into IT anyway. But it must be frustrating for the Polish participants, whose carrers are at stake. And all of us consider our team IT infrastructure to be a real letdown. There are only two team laptops (well, one, really), and we don't get to have any of our IT seminars in an actual computer lab. Sure, there's a large college in this city, but Jen apparently didn't lift a finger to get us in there. Nic got us a tour, and Michelle got us in for wall-climbing - Jen, what's the matter with you? Stop working for your job security and start worrying about us. We are a group of responsible adults, and we'd like you to have the same sense of responsibility.

I just wish we had our freedom and that we weren't being led by a bunch of fear-mongers on a power trip. They should just fire Jen and send us Kelly, or something. Like that'll ever happen. But a real person, for godssake, is that too much to ask? My supervisors at Symcor, the Orwellian capital of the Universe, had more humanity than these people!

To all my friends and family throughout the world: thank you for your coorespondence. It means the world to me. There are a lot of days when I feel quite alone in the world, and I cherish the reminders that there are people out there that love me. Besides the group, I mean - because they're all as fucked as I am.
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