William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

At the Corral. Phone post to follow. (Of course, this is sort of a phone post too since I am using my phone to type it,but... Er, let's not get technical.)

I'm sitting in canned dance music, the prelude to a Darude concert. Imagine, Darude coming to a backwater town like this. Heh.

I've cracked the secret to dance music. You know when they play a familiar tune in a dance mix, and it takes forever - and that is, if they ever do - to get to the actual lyrics. It's like Chinese Water Torture. By the time the familiar... stay with me, because I am about to introduce a foreign concept here: words sneak into the song, you are overcome with a wave of relief akin to discovering that your homeowner's insurance covers your stolen laptop. A really good dance song will have fewer than two lines, and those will be spaced about fifteen minutes apart, instilling in the listeners a state of suspension and anticipation previously only achievable through specialised S&M techniques.
Tags: alberta 2004

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