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I was surfing for news of Osama bin Laden, prompted by a post by revevastars. I found a story about a homely Canadian woman with little hope who converted to Islam and moved to Pakistan in late 2003, and she had this to say:


I really felt sorry for her, and was aghast to see her wearing ... I should do some research and find out what they're called... anyway, I think she was wrong, but I was happy for her that she felt she finally found peace. But then I read some inflammatory comments; you'll see them at the bottom of the page. Here is/was my reply:

As a "white atheist, enemy to Christianity," I take offense to the comments of Mr. Jabreen. I read this article and thought, "Good for her, at least she feels at peace," even though in some sense I disagree with her. I also don't make a habit of ragging on people about their beliefs because life is short and they don't need me introducing them to thought. And I really am burned by what you say about our "bad habits," because I see no reason why, given this miracle of living, we ought not to live it (albeit with taking on some self-enriching responsibility). And let's hear this woman out - she is telling people not to paint all the adherents of Islam with the same brush, and I think - no, I know - she has a point. Even though I personally would not go her route, what she said about the people is true - some of my best friends are Muslims, and it's always a good idea to remind people that we ought not to be categorizing people by race or creed - you'd think we would have learned that by now. And Mr. Rempel, do all Christians have to be fundamentalists? Did Jesus Christ say, "Thou shalt be a prude and follow an outdated moral compass for all of your days?" No, He wanted people to follow Him, to love one another, and to believe in Him! In your logic, He died to save you, so in a sense aren't you kind of wasting your energy preparing yourself for Heaven when the price has alrady been paid? Ah, the rules of similarites facinate me - it's amazing how Christians are crueller to other kings of Christians then they tend to be to Jews, for instance (at least these days, and I guess I'm only speaking for my own countrymen). And saying that the Islamic faith "routinely murders people" is a tad harsh, especially when you look at pleasant Christian relics of history like the Crusades. Both religions have always operated on the tenet that everyone else is wrong, so violence is inevitable, and it is more a fault of belief in itself than of any relgion in particular.

I should have added that the history of Christianity could not be more warlike, since the commentor was harping on about Islamic violence. It's my own opinion that the western world got a couple hundred years ahead of the arab world - post-Rome, ironically, it was the other way around - but I certainly wasn't going to say that on a Pakistani website! =)

Let's hope I don't get letter-bombed by all these Christian lovers of peace and liberty. Sheesh, they're their own worst enemies!

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