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Gmail invites

Well, I'm feeling better now. I helped wash the RV and make dinner. It's not like I'm not contributing, but I don't like being made to feel that everything I say or don't say is subject to intense scrutiny. It reminds me vaguely of living with my father and stepmother for one summer (I think I was 15), when I wasn't permitted to mention Nova Scotia or make any negative comments whatsoever.

Anyway, to change the subject, would anyone care for a Gmail invite? I've got six. If you don't have a Gmail account, you should get one. (You just need an invite, and I happen to have some.) I've been having my willmatheson.com mail forwarded into my Gmail account for several months now. (Shit, I should go back and check / empty my willmatheson.com mail. It gets all the stupid aliases like "distribution@willmatheson.com" that only spammers actually send mail to. I only bothered to set up forwarding for the aliases I actually use, like "me," or "w_matheson.") Anyway, to learn more about Gmail, click here, and if you would like an account, e-mail me or comment.
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