William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

What is it with me and people? Carol just put me to tears over a lecture about being considerate of others, and I thought I was, but I guess I have to do better. She mentioned that neither of us actually thanked her for taking us to Jasper. It was merely an oversight, but is that an excuse? This all happened after Dwight and Czarek left to put up signs without me. I was really looking forward to that, and I thought that going to the washroom while Czarek grabbed his coat was an acceptable delay, but I guess I was wrong. I did empty the dishwasher, but I feel too guilty and near-tears to show my face downstairs again for a while; when Dwight and Czarek returned, it was all I could do to clench my jaw and keep from breaking down. I rushed up here, and I plan to stay here until I finish at least one of my new books. Carol told me how important consideration would be if I were to have a girlfriend. The irony was so bitter that I almost choked.
Tags: alberta 2004

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