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I'm feeling okay now. My Flu is pretty much gone (it always seems to linger at a not-quite-troublesome level for two weeks, doesn't it?). And I'm hungry! I smell food!

I've since learned that many of my associates are experiencing some of the same problems I am. Discussing such things has brought us closer, and I am actually looking forward to Mid-Project camp in early October.

Jen came over for a visit today, and it was suprisingly nice. Sometimes I feel like she's out to get me just because she's the supervisor, but she's really not. Plus they've got better things to do than worry about my behaviour, which I daresay is good anyway.

On Friday, we went to the library and helped out with a book sale. As Nic points out, we were able to take home a haul of books for ourselves. I accumulated a few fantasy hardcovers and some Dave Barry paperbacks (like his "Dave Barry Talks Back" that turned me on to creative writing in general), among other things.

Actually, I spent most of the day working upstairs with non-booksale things such as cleaning and restocking shelves, sorting children's materials, etc... They said they really appreciated my attention to detail, as I caught a lot of misshelved items. It felt good to be in a place where my mental tics almost sort of worked for me, as opposed to my previous job where I was looked down upon for having too few errors. Granted, in that line of work, they had a point. And they were never mean or ingracious towards me.

Last night we were out at Triple's where I wrote up a cell phone post, but I hit "Back" instead of "OK" and lost the post. It wasn't about very much except that the whole concept of proof of age doesn't really exist in European culture. The only IDs that most of our European participants have are student IDs, which most places don't accept, unless we smooth-talk our way around it. I'm suprised we've been getting around as easily as we have.

Again, like I said, I'm hungry, and there are books to read and other things to do. Geek moment: I'm really excited about the release of Episodes IV-VI on DVD! I don't think my host parents are going to buy them since they have the Trilogy on VHS, but they do have Episodes I and II, which I have been pouring over in my spare time. I'm definitely going to rent the DVDs when they come out, even though, with literally thousands of books and movies on the shelves here at home, renting things seems rather ridiculous. (You name it, it's here.)

So, to the food of body and soul I go!
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